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The purpose of VDVRM is to detect problems in Supermarket refrigeration systems in timely manner and to assist in tuning of refrigeration systems.

VDVRM has two main parts; the sensor system installed at a Supermarket and Convience Stores and the Cloud-based visualization and alarm handling system.

VDVRM is installed at Supermarkets to monitor return air temperature of coolers and freezers and to aid service providers and maintenance personnel in detecting problems in the cooling – and freezing systems before damage occur; these problems may be faulty defrost processes, temperature rising from unit’s temperature set points or slow drift in temperatures, to mention a few possible problems.

VDVRM is an independent monitoring system that is not connected to refrigeration control units or any other control- or monitoring systems.  The installation on-site is simple and straight forward.  Temperature sensor data is automatically collected on-site and in real time, forwarded using wireless technology to a protected server and published on an access controlled VDVRM cloud service.  TheVDVRM cloud server is able to issue alarms (which are not misled by defrost actions) and send as emails and text messages to service providers and maintenance personnel.  The combined effect of the monitoring sensor system on-site and the outstanding web based data interface of VDVRM guarantees successful operation of any refrigeration system.



  • RM-MU, Master Unit installed at site
  • RM-TS, Temperature sensor to be installed in coolers and freezers
  • RM-RHT, combined Relative Humidity % and Temperature sensor
  • RM-CSU, Cable Sub Unit, to connect remote sensors
  • RM-WSU, Wireless Sub Unit, to connect to sensors in hard-to-reach locations



VDV Retail Monitoring offer VDVRM training courses for Installation Technicians, System Designers and Daily Operations Mangers.

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