What is VDVRM?

The VDV Retail Monitoring system (VDVRM) is built to simplify monitoring of refrigeration systems in Supermarkets and Convenience Stores and to lower maintenance cost , materials losses and electrical cost.
VDV Retail Monitoring is a complete system solution that includes training in design, installation and operation of all stages of the system – this is to ensure the success of its users.

Photos of installation

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Lower cost

VDVRM is a great aid for tuning of refrigeration systems which results in lower energy consumption.

Easy Maintenance

Shorten time to action; the refrigeration service partner may discover problems before store does. Maintenance service simplified as daily overview of equipment status is done remotely.

Alarm service

Powerful alarming service for out-of-range temperatures not affected by defrost actions. Less damage caused by faulty refrigeration equipment

Cloud hosting

Remote monitoring of temperatures on an interactive web interface. Comprehensive data analysis tools for diagnostics of refrigeration system faults

Users Include: